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Surgical TeamDelivering the absolute best patient experience anywhere is a guiding light for the Knoxville Hospital & Clinics (KHC). Every moment of every day, employees strive to deliver a little more than what our customers might expect.

Some people tell us it’s our welcoming spirit and friendly people. Others say it’s about the way they are treated with respect and dignity. For others, it was a little thing that left a positive impression – a patient who received a handmade Hawkeye lap blanket for comfort after surgery; and another patient whose spirits were lifted when she had her nails polished during her hospital stay.

We know our patients are so much happier – so it’s no surprise that our customer experience ratings are so HIGH. For May 2017*, KHC’s Surgery Department received 100% patient satisfaction scores in not only one survey category, but all SEVEN. WOW!!

  1. Recommend the Facility
  2. Provided Needed Information Regarding the Procedure
  3. Clerks and Receptionists Helpful
  4. Staff Ensure You Were Comfortable
  5. Staff Treat You with Courtesy and Respect
  6. Facility Clean
  7. Instructions regarding Recovery

What’s best of all is knowing there is a direct correlation between high patient satisfaction scores and improved patient health outcomes. When individuals are pleased with their experience and have a good rapport with their healthcare provider, they are more likely to engage in conversations that identify outcomes that really matter to them.

At KHC, we are always discovering new ways to enhance the patient experience, because our most important patient is the next one we have the privilege of serving.


*May 2017 Press Ganey Survey results. Data reported reflects the “Top Box Percentage,” which represents the percentage of patients who selected the “best possible” response to the question.


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