The pricing information contained in this file is being made public, as required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), whereby hospitals must provide a list of their standard charges for medical services online for all to see, in a machine-readable format.

Upon reviewing this information, it is important you understand the following before drawing any conclusions or making any decisions about where to receive your medical care:

  1. The information contained in the file is current as of January 1, 2019. Charge information is subject to periodic changes and the file will be updated as soon as reasonably possible whenever changes occur, typically in July.
  2. The file contains the full charge (price) along with the charge description of the item or service as reflected in the hospital’s master listing.
  3. A charge represents the price assigned to specific medical service(s) before any standard discounts with insurance companies are applied. It is important to remember that the price for individual items and services can vary widely between hospitals, which should not be a cause for concern, as there are virtually no occasions where an insurance company or individual patient would ever pay the full price shown in the file. PLEASE NOTE THE FILE DOES NOT INCLUDE FEES FROM SURGEONS, ANESTHESIOLOGISTS OR OTHER PROFESSIONAL SERVICES BILLED DIRECTLY BY THE PHYSICIAN AND OTHER PROFESSIONAL PROVIDERS. Typically, you will be billed separately for such services.
  4. Per CMS guidelines, the information contained in this file represents the hospital’s current standard prices. However, it is important to understand that when filing medical claims to insurance companies, various adjustments must be made based on mandated guidelines through the billing process, therefore, please be aware:
  • The charge shown is the original charge for the item or service prior to any adjustments that result from applying required billing “modifiers” in certain situations.
  • The various hospital departments and may have different charges for the same item or service and such instances will repeat in the file. For a single item, the charge is consistent; however, there may be slight variation in charges for services with similar descriptions for various reasons.
  • Charges for certain items or services are assessed on a per-unit basis, including, but not limited to, surgeries, anesthesia, and recovery, which considers time and complexity, along with medications that must be considered by weight-based dosage, age, packaging, etc.
  • Certain items and/or services have a zero-amount price for a variety of reasons, such as contracted billing services that do their own charging, no-cost supplies, investigational devices or medication exemption items in clinical trials and studies, replacement for a recalled or defective device, and certain system limitations. In addition, items and/or services are sometimes assigned a one penny price to reflect, for example, a state-provided medication or drug, contrast items, and therapy status codes used strictly for insurance billing reporting purposes.

The file is voluminous, and download may take excessive time depending on your internet speed. By clicking to download this information you acknowledge your understanding of the above.

Click here to download the hospital’s current standard charges.