KNOXVILLE – Knoxville Hospital & Clinics provides $4.3 million in community benefits to Knoxville, according to a recently completed assessment of those programs and services. That amount, based on 2015 figures, includes $3.3 million in uncompensated care such as charity care, bad debt, and unpaid costs of Medicare.

Community benefits are activities designed to improve health status and increase access to health care. Along with uncompensated care (which includes both charity care and bad debt), community benefits include such services and programs as health screenings, support groups, counseling, immunizations, nutritional services and transportation programs.

“This report demonstrates the accountability that Iowa hospitals have to their communities. At Knoxville Hospital & Clinics, we take our responsibility of supporting the health and wellness of members of our community very seriously,” said Kevin Kincaid, Chief Executive Officer at Knoxville Hospital & Clinics. “The health care industry is certainly not immune to the economic decline, but our obligation to care for those in need is foremost important. Not losing sight of the importance of fundamental health care needs remains evermore important as we continue to tackle the challenges and help improve the lives of individuals, families and the whole community.”

The results for Knoxville Hospital & Clinics are included in a statewide report by the Iowa Hospital Association (IHA) that shows Iowa hospitals provided community benefits in 2015 valued at more than $1 billion, including more than $246 million in charity care. All 118 of Iowa’s community hospitals participated in the survey.

“Iowa hospitals are uniquely positioned to deliver these programs and services,” said IHA President and CEO Kirk Norris. “No other public or private entity could possibly fill in for hospitals in terms of both assessing and responding to specific community needs.”

Uncompensated care (which is made up of both charity care and bad debt) also plays a role in overall community benefit for services provided by hospitals. Total uncompensated care in 2015 was valued at nearly $520 million. The survey also showed total Medicare and Medicaid losses (at cost) of nearly $370 million.

Iowa hospitals, which employ more than 71,000 people, continue implement strategies that increase value to their patients and communities by offering high-quality care to individuals, addressing the health needs of identified populations and implementing process improvements that bend the cost curve. By seeking out ways to raise quality, reduce waste and increase safety, Iowa hospitals have become value leaders, as shown in multiple studies by the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care, the Commonwealth Fund and others.

In addition to the $4.3 million in community benefit, Knoxville Hospital & Clinics also generates 223 jobs that add $16,958,842 to Knoxville’s economy, according to the latest study by the Iowa Hospital Association.  In addition, Knoxville Hospital & Clinics’ 223 employees earn almost $13 million in salaries, contribute $3,630,058 in retail sales and $217,803 in state sales tax revenue.

Knoxville Hospital & Clinics, a Critical Access Hospital serving Marion County and the surrounding area, is dedicated to providing personal, progressive quality health care with compassion.  For more information regarding this release and other happenings at Knoxville Hospital & Clinics, call the Public Relations office at (641) 842-1418.