Suhr Wing SignBe a permanent part of something special.

A naming opportunity is the perfect way to support Knoxville Hospital & Clinics’ growth while honoring or memorializing a family member or friend who will become a permanent part of Knoxville Hospital & Clinic’s lifesaving work.

The Knoxville Hospital Foundation values your partnership and welcomes the opportunity to recognize your philanthropic support and interests.

Several naming opportunities have been identified within the Knoxville Hospital & Clinics  These naming opportunities enable donors to use their gift to establish a lasting tribute to their family, a deceased loved one, an admired individual, a business or an organization.

Listed below are spaces currently available for naming, which are dependent on the level of giving. This list is not intended to be exhaustive, naming rights are available for other gifts, such as landmarks or landscaping, buildings, equipment, new construction, meeting rooms, public spaces, permanent endowment funds, programs, awards, etc.

  • Emergency Department, $250,000
  • Surgery Department, $250,000
  • Physical Therapy Department, $100,000
  • Hospital Wing 200, $50,000
  • Hospital Wing 300, $50,000
  • Surgical Suite 1, $20,000
  • Surgical Suite 2, $20,000
  • ER Trauma Bay 1, $15,000
  • ER Trauma Bay 2, $15,000
  • PACU, $15,000
  • Endoscopy Suite, $15,000
  • Medical/Surgery Department Nurses Station, $10,000
  • ER Triage Room 1, $10,000
  • ER Triage Room 2, $10,000
  • Physical Therapy Waiting Area, $10,000
  • Clinic Room 1-24, $5,000
  • Patient Room 1-18, $5,000
  • Pre-Post Op Room 4-5, $5,000
  • Laboratory Blood Draw 2, $5,000

Existing Named Areas

Click on this link to view a list of existing named areas.

Retired Plaques

All plaques are subject to retirement to a common area for recognition if the named area no longer exists, no longer serves its original purpose or is renovated. The hospital will provide tasteful and appropriate recognition of past philanthropy.

Get More Information

For additional information about naming gift opportunities, please contact Foundation Administrator Katrina Nelson at (641) 842-1418.