Tori Wright Selected KHC Hero of the Month in January 2020

KNOXVILLE – Congratulations to Tori Wright, Nursing-ER, for being selected the KHC Hero of the Month at Knoxville Hospital & Clinics.

“During a patient’s ER visit, Tori offered her stroller to provide comfort and distraction during the patient’s long ER stay. I believe this rises to the level of nomination as this patient and family were strangers and Tori offered her stroller out of kindness, caring, and compassion. The patient was able to fall asleep in the comfort of the stroller,” read her nomination.

Tori will be in the running for KHC Hero of the Year in May 2020.

Other employees recognized as Hero of the Month in the past quarter are Dr. Brent Hoehns in November and Jennifer Johnston in December.

Other employees nominated in the past quarter are Stephanie Henderson, Bob Augustin, Laura Hugen, and Veronica White.

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