It's A Meaningful Place To Work

Knoxville Hospital & Clinics (KHC) is a private, nonprofit organization founded by and for the people of our “community.” Everything we do is focused on the people we serve and improving the health of our community – whether you’re from Attica, Bussey, Columbia, Flagler, Hamilton, Harvey, Knoxville, Marysville, Melcher-Dallas, Otley, Pella, Pershing, Pleasantville, Tracy or elsewhere in or outside of Marion County – we strive to offer you a top choice for medical care.

Since our hospital was founded in 1935, we made it our mission to improve the lives of those around us, and make sure our communities remain strong, vibrant, and healthy. As a charitable organization, we support and promote community health through:

1. Financial assistance or charity care for qualifying patients who can’t afford to pay for medical care on their own. This helps people get the care they need without having to worry about the money first.
Provision of medical staff at the community health clinic so uninsured and low-income patients with chronic illnesses can get preventive care and avoid the emergency room.
2. Community health improvement activities
3. Cash and in-kind contributions to community groups
4. Support for community building activities

7 Other Reasons People Love to Work at KHC

  • Impact. People who work in nonprofit organizations want to work somewhere that is not only intellectually satisfying, but emotionally satisfying. People who work at KHC enjoy their day-to-day functional work, but also derive meaning from the big picture impact that the organization is making.
  • It’s a place to experiment with new ways of doing things. If you want to pitch a new idea or project or perform more efficiently, KHC is the place to do it.
  • You’re more than just a number. If you’re a person who enjoys responsibility, like to push yourself in your day-to-day work, then work at KHC.
  • Diversity of opportunity. KHC offers many ways to utilize your talents. From working in different departments to participating in community events.
  • The universe is smaller. Employees at large for-profit corporations rarely get to interact with the top brass, either to show their stuff, learn from the best, or simply get reinvigorated on a regular basis. Not so at KHC. Our employees can take advantage of the smaller internal community.
  • Work with changemakers. You will love that your co-workers are passionate, talented and motivated people, just like you. We are working together to improve the state we live in and help others.
  • Great people. Because KHC employees work toward a cause, most are passionate about the work they do and therefore, work incredibly hard to achieve the organization’s mission. Employees at KHC care about their colleagues, work to foster positive environments, and push their colleagues to think about things in new ways.
Life’s too short to not love your job! What are you waiting for?