Pharmaceutical Services

Inpatient prescription drugs

Knoxville Hospital & Clinics’ (KHC) Pharmacy Department provides comprehensive, inpatient pharmacy service to patients who are in the hospital, surgical center, Infusion Center, Acute Care, Emergency Department and other service areas. The Pharmacy Department is led by Director Troy Padellford, an Iowa licensed hospital pharmacist in charge by the Iowa Board of Pharmacy; as well as other pharmacists, certified pharmacy technicians, pharmacist interns, and support persons.

To support patient care, the Pharmacy Department provides a wide range of pharmaceutical services. Our responsibilities are to:

  • Maintain a safe, efficient system of dispensing medications
  • Identify, resolve and prevent drug-related problems, such as drug allergies, food-drug interactions, and drug-drug interactions
  • Store, prepare, label, distribute and dispense medications
  • Provide computer-generated medication order entry
  • Deliver medication in patient specific dosages
  • Prepare intravenous medications in ready-to-administer form
  • Act as a drug information resource to medical and nursing staff on the selection, dosage, and route of administration of medications
  • Work with the medical team to collaboratively monitor each patient’s response to his or her medications
  • Report on adverse drug reactions