Knoxville Hospital & Clinics Honors Employees with Annual Service Awards

KNOXVILLE, Iowa – Knoxville Hospital & Clinics (KHC) recognized 36 employees who are celebrating a milestone service anniversary in 2024 during an awards ceremony held during National Hospital Week, May 13-17.

Employees were recognized with 5, 10, 15, and 30 year service awards. The 36 employees represent a combined 335 years of providing health care to our patients and the communities we serve.

“Our people are our most important resource, and we can’t thank them enough for their years of hard work,” said KHC Director of Operations Mark Worrall. “Their dedication and invaluable experience have helped KHC become one of the top rural health care facilities it is today.”

5 years of service: Sara Bacon, Nikolas Butrick, Norma Ginger, Wendy Hopkins, Tim Huffman, Dr. Samantha Keady, Rochelle King, Jolene Lamp, Haley Marsh, Haley Mikesell, Hannah Mulder, Carol Richmond, Michelle Shimek, Jade Six, Jean Vander Wert, Vivian White, and Valerie Young.

10 years of service: Miles Anderson, Sherri Church, Melissa Crook, April Geery, Angela Lund, Kassidy McGlothlen, Brian Miller, Natalie Morgan, Kristen Pearson, Mikka Phillips, Dr. Shannon Remington, Jolinda Smith, and Christina Walter.

15 years of service: Susan Danks, Rhonda Lewin, Stephanie Probst, and Josh Ten Napel.

30 years of service: John Gotta and Karol Hoehns.

Each employee was honored with a VISA gift card in various amounts.

In addition, Shondell Beckey was honored as “Hero of the Year.” Other prior Employee of the Quarter recipients in the running for Hero of the Year included Haley Mikesell, Stephanie Sparks, and Amanda Phillips.

Lori Mallory, RN, was recognized with the annual DAISY Award. Other employees nominated for the DAISY Award included Ashlee Martens, Tamy Witt, and Athena Dimpas.

Knoxville Hospital & Clinics is a non-profit community hospital serving Marion County and the surrounding area. Named a Top 100 Critical Access Hospital, KHC’s highly skilled medical staff and specialists provide personal, compassionate, and innovative quality health care to patients. For more information regarding this release and other happenings at Knoxville Hospital & Clinics, call Public Relations at (641) 842-1418.

Pictured: Thirty-six employees were recognized for their years of service at Knoxville Hospital & Clinics during the annual service awards ceremony. The DAISY Award and Hero of the Year were also announced.

Front row (L-R): Tamy Witt, Stephanie Probst, Haley Marsh, Kristen Pearson, Angela Lund, Lori Mallory, Shondell Beckey, Susan Danks, Karol Hoehns, Melissa Crook, and Sara Bacon.

Back row (L-R): Wendy Hopkins, Christina Walter, Jean Vander Wert, Josh Ten Napel, John Gotta, April Geery, Brian Miller, Valerie Young, Rhonda Lewin, Haley Mikesell, Jade Six, Ashlee Martens, and Norma Ginger.