Administration 641-842-1402
Kevin Kincaid Chief Executive Officer 641-842-1400
Maggie Hamilton-Beyer Chief Financial Officer 641-842-1401
MaryJane Hunt Chief Clinical Officer 641-842-7211
Barb Anderson Director of Infection Prevention 641-842-1458
Steve Bitzkowski Director of Patient Accounts 641-842-7054
Dorothy Brown Director of Health Information Management 641-842-7046
Sharon Campbell Director of Nursing 641-842-1559
Jesse Crum Director of Information Technology & Security Officer 641-842-1502
Melanie Funk Coordinator of Surgery 641-842-1591
John Gotta Director of Facilities 641-842-1455
Dena Gray-Fisher Director of Marketing & Public Relations 641-842-1485
Laura Hugen Director of Materials Management 641-842-1436
Michelle Irwin Director of Imaging 641-842-1466
Karen Kraber Director of Fiscal Services 641-842-1407
Ginny Krichau Director of Patient Experience 641-842-1477
Lori Major Coordinator of Lab 641-842-1508
Kristina Morgan Emergency Department Coordinator 641-842-1403
Sarah Neary Director of Nutrition Services and Dietician 641-842-1477
Lisa Oldham Utilization Review Coordinator 641-842-1404
Troy Padellford Director of Pharmacy 641-842-1433
Justin Plum Director of Physical Therapy 641-842-1464
Elly Shaw Director of Quality and Compliance 641-842-1421
Holly Shinn Clinic Director 641-842-7211
Vacant Education and Employee Health Coordinator
Larry Van Baale Coordinator of Med/Surg. 641-842-1592
Gary Woodhouse Director of Respiratory Therapy 641-842-1465
Mark Worrall Director of Human Resources 641-842-1426