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Since the Knoxville Hospital & Clinics Foundation was reestablished in 2003, $544,268 worth of charitable giving has been awarded to the Knoxville Hospital & Clinics. Funding has focused on supporting new and established healthcare services, acquisition of medical equipment and advanced technologies, ensuring patients receive a positive experience, and helping to enhance the education of healthcare providers. Purchases ranged from critical items, like hospital beds, to advanced 3D surgical equipment.

Below is a list of the many generous gifts that were made to the Knoxville Hospital & Clinics by the Foundation that have put your donations into action.

Everyone deserves access to the best healthcare services. Consider a gift to the Foundation as a way to help guarantee that residents in Marion and surrounding counties continue to receive exceptional healthcare services.

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2017 A1C blood testing equipment, used by the Laboratory Department to diagnose type 1 and type 2 diabetes $5,100
2017 ENT surgical equipment $13,360
2017 Patient and families Coffee Bar $12,300
2016 Artwork and interior decorations for newly renovated clinic and hospital facility $16,000
2016 Knoxville Hospital & Clinics monument sign, which accompanied the opening of the renovated facility $42,073
2015 3D/HD surgical equipment for performing laproscopic surgeries $50,215
2015 Telemedicine computer-assisted technology, used to access behavior health professionals $10,000
2014 Cryostat, used by the medical laboratory to preserve frozen tissue samples $9,950
2013 Surgery bed $30,581
2013 Surgery patient blanket warmer $595
2013 Educational classroom renovations $11,377
2012 Digital televisions for hospital rooms $21,612
2011 Picture archiving and communication system (PACS) used by the Imaging Department $20,570
2011 Digital mammography suite $33,488
2011 Cardiac rehab equipment $2,121
2010 Hospital patient beds $15,750
2009 Hospital patient beds $37,289
2008 Educational classroom furniture $1,934
2008 Defibrillators $23,474
2008 Obstetrics Department renovations $21,000
2008 Patient amenities $7,970
2007 Obstetrics Department renovations $5,000
2007 Video equipment and furniture for the classroom $7,732
2006 Obstetrics Department renovations $31,000
2006 IV poles $270
2006 Portable X-Ray machine $30,000
2006 Cardiology equipment $11,576
2005 Hematology analyzer for the Laboratory $20,050
2004 Adjustable video endoscope and video gastroscope for Surgery Department $42,128
2004 Sleep Lab equipment $5,173
2004 Pediatric suite equipment $4,581