Building on Strength

The Campaign to Renovate and Expand Knoxville Hospital & Clinics

Health Care You Need, Close to Home

The Building on Strength Campaign is not just about expanding the hospital, it is about building our community. It will equip our hospital to meet the health care needs of the community today and also anticipates the needs of tomorrow, ensuring Knoxville and the surrounding areas will continue to attract families and businesses to the area. The $21 million expansion will focus on adding an infusion center, specialty clinic space, as well as renovating and expanding the emergency department and other support staff space.

According to CEO Kevin Kincaid, KHC continues to see increased demand for its services, and the expansion will create a facility that matches the caliber of the hospital’s staff.

“We know that continuing to grow as a community, we need a first-class health care facility to keep our positive momentum going forward,” said Kincaid. “We already have the best doctors, nurses, and staff a hospital could ever ask for. This is a great opportunity for us to elevate our physical spaces to continue our quest to be the best place to work in health care as well as the best place to receive services.”

Work began in 2023 with construction of the Don & Margaret Long Infusion Center and Weiler Foundation Specialty Clinics. Both areas were completed in February 2024. The expansion and renovation of the Emergency Department began in March of 2024.

Emergency Department Renovation

  • The Knoxville Hospital Emergency Department sees more than 5,600 patient visits per year (over 15/day).
  • More private rooms are necessary, especially for patients with mental health needs who cannot be transferred out of the ER as quickly because of a lack of long-term care options.
  • Mental health visits account for 3% of total Emergency Room visits at KHC. The average wait for a transfer of these patients in FY23 was 18 hours.

Emergency department renovations will:

  • Add additional private treatment rooms
  • Provide additional staff workspace to enhance workflow and efficiency
  • Increase staff visibility
  • Enhance safety measures to ensure those experiencing mental health issues cannot harm themselves or others

Weiler Foundation Specialty Clinics

Knoxville Hospital & Clinics has seen recent success in recruiting and retaining visiting specialists to KHC. As patients build relationships and trust with these providers, demand for services has grown. Providing additional clinic space will allow KHC to expand the number of specialists and services provided in Knoxville.

The expanded clinic space, which will be home to 24 visiting specialists, is located on the east side of the hospital and shares a waiting room with the Dr. Earl J. McKeever Clinic for family medicine. The location of the two clinics side-by-side will improve patient convenience; care experience; and flow for patients, guests, and staff.

Learn more about the Weiler Foundation’s $5 million gift.

Don & Margaret Long

Infusion Center

Time is a valued commodity that we all cherish. Having modern, first-class cancer treatments close to home will allow patients to focus on their health and return some of the most precious hours that they and their loved ones would spend traveling to facilities hours away.

The new Don & Margaret Long Infusion Center will provide:

  • Private treatment spaces
  • 12 treatment chairs with room for “loved one” support
  • New state-of-the-art technology and equipment
  • Modern facility overlooking a scenic view of the pond and portion of the Bessie Spaur Butterfly Garden

Learn more about Don & Margaret’s $1.4 million gift.


Inquiries / Other Ways to Give

There are a variety of ways to support the Building on Strength campaign, including contributions of appreciated securities and IRA distributions. To learn more, contact the Foundation and Public Relations office at (641) 842-1418.

Contributions can also be mailed to: KHC Foundation, 1002 S. Lincoln, Knoxville IA 50138.