Knoxville Hospital & Clinics Launches Capital Campaign for Facility Expansion and Renovation

KNOXVILLE, IA – Knoxville Hospital & Clinics (KHC) is planning a $21 million expansion to its facility–a project that will add a new surgical suite, expand clinic space for visiting specialists, construct a new Infusion Center, and renovate the Emergency Department.

According to CEO Kevin Kincaid, KHC continues to see increased demand for its services, and the expansion will create a facility that matches the caliber of the hospital’s staff.

“We know that continuing to grow as a community, we need a first-class health care facility to keep our positive momentum going forward,” said Kincaid. “We already have the best doctors, nurses, and staff a hospital could ever ask for. This is a great opportunity for us to elevate our physical spaces to continue our quest to be the best place to work in health care as well as the best place to receive services.”

The renovations to the Emergency Department will address the need for privacy and safety of patients who are often at their most vulnerable, as well as better address rising mental health diagnoses seen in the ER. In addition, expanding surgical services and adding additional clinic space and a dedicated Infusion Center will address the growing demand by both patients and physicians to receive the care they need close to home, delivered by people they trust.

Community Support
To support the expansion, the KHC Foundation is launching its capital campaign, which is aptly named “Building On Strength” as a nod to the many recent positive projects happening in Knoxville—the library expansion, new middle school, VA District redevelopment, downtown revitalization, and new housing developments.

According to Kevin Stittsworth, Director of Foundation & Public Relations, the KHC Foundation has been working with a dedicated volunteer committee of community members who have visited one-on-one with local organizations and individuals to discuss financial support of the expansion.

“We have just been blown away by the support of the community,” said Stittsworth. “Donors have been extremely supportive and generous. Now, as we enter into the public phase of this campaign, we’re inviting the entire community to be involved.”

To date, the KHC Foundation has raised $6.7 million, with lead gifts from two generous donors who KHC will be recognizing this fall.

“We know there are still many others out there who would like to support this project, whether that’s with a gift of $5 or $5,000,” said Stittsworth. “We plan to continue raising money for the expansion through the end of the year, with the option for people to make pledges towards this project that stretch over the next 3-5 years, if they so desire.”

Kincaid encourages the community to get involved. “Gifts of any size are truly impactful, and they demonstrate the community’s support and appreciation of the work staff are doing at KHC,” he said.

Renovations are expected to begin later this year, with construction on the Infusion Center and Specialty Clinic planned for next spring.

To learn more about the expansion or to donate to the project, visit or contact Kevin Stittsworth, Director of Foundation and Public Relations, at 641-842-1485 or

About the Expansion

  • The Knoxville Hospital Emergency Department sees more than 5,600 patient visits per year (over 15/day).
  • More private rooms are necessary, especially for patients with mental health needs who cannot be transferred out of the ER as quickly because of a lack of long-term care options.
  • Mental health visits account for 5-6% of total Emergency Room visits at KHC. The average wait for a transfer of these patients in FY20 increased by 31% to 22 hours, an average of 5.2 hours longer.

Emergency department renovations will:

  • Add additional private rooms with attached restrooms
  • Construct new decontamination room
  • Provide additional staff workspace to enhance workflow and efficiency
  • Increase staff visibility
  • Enhance safety measures to ensure those experiencing mental health issues cannot harm themselves or others

The new Infusion Center will provide:

  • Private treatment spaces
  • 10 treatment chairs with room for “loved one” support
  • New state-of-the-art technology and equipment
  • Modern facility with a scenic view of Bessie Spaur Butterfly Garden

The expanded clinic will improve the safety, security, care experience, and flow for KHC patients and guests. In addition, it will allow KHC to accommodate:

  • 16 family providers
  • 24 visiting specialists

The Surgical Services expansion Includes:

  • An additional, larger operating room
  • Increased number of pre-procedure rooms
  • New recovery room
  • Added staff workspace, creating a safer and more efficient environment

Knoxville Hospital & Clinics is a non-profit community hospital serving Marion County and the surrounding area. Named a “Top 100 Critical Access Hospital” and voted as Best of Red Rock Area’s “Best Place to Work” and “Best Hospitality”, KHC’s highly skilled medical staff and specialists provide personal, compassionate and innovative quality health care to patients. For more information regarding this release and other happenings at Knoxville Hospital & Clinics, call Public Relations at (641) 842-1485.